Flashback to 2018 when the Peninsula Clarion in Kenai, Alaska published the article After Permitting Struggle, Couple Opens CDL Training Facility in Kenai.

In 2016 we began the process to open up a new CDL Training Facility in Kenai, Alaska. The need for drivers to get their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in Alaska was so great that other schools around the state were booked months in advance. No other CDL Training school had been started in Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula in many years, the process was a difficult road to say the least. With persistance and the support of the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District (KPEDD). Along with others, including Cliff Cochran of the Kenai Peninsula Small Business Association office, our dream, Kenai Peninsula Driving Instruction in Kenai, Alaska became a reality.

A short nearly four years later, we’ve grown our team, our fleet and trained and licensed more than 285 Commercial (CDL) drivers in Kenai, Alaska. Kenai Peninsula Driving Instruction is a proud supporter of local high school sports and events. We welcome to you visit our facility in Kenai, Alaska, meet the team and see what makes us the top Kenai Peninsula CDL Training Facility focused on quality and student success.

Alex & Sarah Douthit, Kenai, Alaska